Yuba County Jail and Court Information

Yuba County Jail

Yuba County Jail
The jail is located within the north side of the county courthouse in Marysville on Sixth Street between “B” Street and “C” Streets. The mailing address for the Yuba County Jail, other than inmate mail, is 215 5th Street, Suite #150, Marysville, Ca. 95901.

The original jail was built in 1962 and a major renovation and addition was completed in the early 1990s. The county jail has a capacity of 428 prisoners. In 2006 the average daily population was 374 inmates which was comprised on average of 160 ICE contract prisoners and 214 county prisoners. The county prisoner population is made up of those who are sentenced to county jail and those who are awaiting trail or sentencing.


Yuba County Inmate Search Information


Alternatively, you can locate a California inmate online through the vinelink.com website, which provides detailed information about bookings and correctional incarceration across the country.

To use the Vinelink system, you will need to register with the website. You can also sign up at the site to receive notification regarding an inmate's release from custody.

Yuba County Jail Visitation

The Yuba County Sheriff's Department has established a visiting policy to allow the inmates who are incarcerated in our facility the opportunity to maintain social relationships with family and friends.
All visits are conducted at the basement level of the facility. Access to the visitor's lobby includes a stairwell and an elevator. Access and visiting space for the handicapped is available.
Visiting is conducted daily, seven days a week. The day and time of visits is determined by the cell assignment of the inmate. It is imperative that visitors be present prior to the visitation start time for the inmate they wish to visit. For details on 2016 policy update on visitation scheduling, click here!  All inmates are allowed two visits per week, one of which will be scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday. Visiting schedules are posted in the inmate housing and in the Central Control and Visiting lobbies. Every person wishing to visit is required to register with the visiting clerk prior to the beginning of the visiting period. Due to the limited number of spaces available for visiting, any visitor arriving after the commencement of the visiting period cannot be guaranteed their full visit, although every effort will be made to accommodate them.


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  1. A valid picture identification will be required of all visitors. Any identification other than the ID listed below, must be approved by the visiting clerk or the Shift Supervisor.

  2. The following identification is acceptable:

    • Valid Driver's License with photo

    • Valid State Identification Card with photo

    • Valid Military Identification Card with photo

    • Valid Passport with photo

    • Valid Immigration Card ("Green Card")

  3. Person under the age of eighteen (18) who are not accompanied by an adult will be allowed to visit provided they can show acceptable identification and abide by the visiting rules. If you bring in a minor whose age could be questionable, please bring proof of age, and be prepared to stay with that minor during their stay.

  4. No person who is obviously intoxicated shall be allowed admittance, and is further subject to arrest.

  5. Visitors shall be properly dressed or visiting privileges will be refused. Shoes or sandals and shirts are required for both children and adults.

  6. The following will not be allowed:

    • Swim suits or swim suit tops

    • Tube tops, extremely low-cut tops, revealing halter tops, or bare midriffs

    • See-through clothing that by the nature of the fabric is revealing beyond the point where a reasonable person may be offended

    • Extremely short cut-offs, shorts or skirts

    • Any clothing with obscene or offensive designs or writing

  7. No food, drinks, gum or candy are allowed in the visiting area.

  8. No purses, diaper bags, parcels, backpacks, sports bags or other personal property are allowed in the visiting area. Please secure them in your vehicle or leave them at home. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

  9. Possession of tobacco products in any form is prohibited in the visiting area. Violators may have their visit terminated. Smoking is prohibited in this and any public building pursuant to Yuba County Municipal Ordinance Code, Chapter 7.15.

  10. Visitors may be subject to a search of their person and immediate property at any time while on the premises of the facility. Refusal to subject to search will be cause to prohibit or terminate visiting privileges.

  11. Children must remain with their parents. If your children are unsupervised, allowed to run around, and are not under your control your visit will be terminated.

  12. Any inmate or visitor engaging in inappropriate behavior will have their visit terminated. The use of profanity and behavior which is overtly sexual in nature is considered inappropriate and will result in loss of visiting privileges. Loud, boisterous or disruptive behavior during the visit will be cause for termination of the visit

  13. Any person who destroys or defaces jail property is guilty of a misdemeanor (PC 2600), and will lose their visiting privileges. This includes "Tagging", writing or etching on any surface, removal of or tampering with visiting barriers, windows, window grouting, telephones or any other activity determined by the staff to be destructive.

  14. The possession of dangerous weapons in this building is prohibited by law. Any person found in possession of any knives (including pocket knives), chains or any other objects perceived by the staff to be a weapon will have their visit terminated and may be subject to arrest

  15. Please make certain that the visiting area is clean and free of trash when your visiting time is through. If it appears that any one group of visitors is consistently violating this rule, their visits will be cut short in order to pick up the area prior to the next visiting.

  16. Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades etc. are not allowed in this building. Please leave them in your vehicle.

  17. No inmate will be allowed to give anything to or receive anything from a visitor or exchange anything. All personal items including Bibles, prescription medications, eyeglasses or any allowable possessions must be handled upstairs at Central Control.

  18. In order to release money or personal belongings, the inmate must sign a release form, which is available from jail staff. Personal property may be picked up at Central Control. If you phone ahead to verify that the release has been properly filled out and approved by the shift supervisor, you may reduce the time you have to wait. If there are documents that you need signed by the inmate, you will have to make arrangements with the inmate’s attorney or handle the matter by mail.

  19. Inmates are allowed to receive personal mail in the form of letters, greeting cards and postcards. Magazines and newspapers may be received only directly from the publisher by mail or subscription. All mail is subject to inspection. Official legal mail is subject to inspection in the presence of the inmate.
    Mailing address for inmates is:

    (Inmate’s Full Name) Cell: (Optional)
    C/O Yuba County Jail
    P.O. Box 1031 Marysville, CA 95901

  20. Inmates are allowed to receive commercially developed photographs only, no Polaroid photographs are allowed. The jail is not responsible for returning Polaroid photographs to the sender.

Local Law Enforcement

  • California Highway Patrol 1619 Poole Road, Yuba City 95993

  • Marysville Police Department 316 – 6th Street, Marysville, CA 95901

  • Yuba County Sheriff Department 215 – 5th Street, Marysville, CA 95901

  • Wheatland Police Department 413 Second Street, Wheatland, CA 95692

Yuba County Jail

215 – 5th Street, Marysville, CA 95901

Superior Court

  • Main Courthouse (Departments 1-5, 7) 215 Fifth Street, Marysville, CA 95901

  • Richard A. Shoenig Annex (Dept. 6) 120 Fifth Street, Marysville, CA 95901