Sierra County Jail and Court Information

Sierra County Jail

Sierra County Jail, 100 Courthouse Sq # 100, Downieville, CA 95936

As of March 17, 2015 the Sierra County Jail began operating as a Temporary Housing Facility. There is no inmate visitation permitted at this facility. Sierra County inmates are housed primarily in Nevada County at the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility in Nevada City, and occasionally at the Plumas County Jail in Quincy, CA. Inmate visitation is at the discretion of those individual facilities and should be contacted directly regarding visitation days and hours.

No mail, packages, gifts, food, drink or any other item shall be accepted for any inmate at this facility.

Inmates cannot receive personal messages through jail staff, via phone, or otherwise. When booked, inmates are allowed to make three phone calls: one to an attorney, one to a bail bonds company and one to anyone needed. We do not control who the inmate calls. There are no incoming calls permitted.


Sierra County Inmate Search Information

Contact Wayne Brown Correctional Facility, Nevada County County Jail.

Alternatively, you can locate a California inmate online through the website, which provides detailed information about bookings and correctional incarceration across the country.

To use the Vinelink system, you will need to register with the website. You can also sign up at the site to receive notification regarding an inmate's release from custody.

Sierra County Jail Visitation

None allowed at this facility.