Misdemeanor DUI Lawyers


Misdemeanor DUI Defense Lawyers

If you or a family member has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence, we are here to help guide you through the process and put you at ease by helping you learn about the process, the options you have, and working together to develop the best strategy to move forward.

At NorCal Criminal Defense we strive to make a prospective client feel both comfortable and confident, and we do our best to alleviate any stress you may have about the uncertainty of the criminal justice system. We understand that many of our clients have never been arrested before and are understandably very anxious. We focus on DUI defense to provide our clients with cutting edge legal representation. Unlike most law firms, we also use a client-centered approach, emphasizing teamwork and client communication to achieve the best result possible.

Vehicle Code 23152.   (a) & (b)

(a) It is unlawful for a person who is under the influence of any alcoholic beverage to drive a vehicle.

(b) It is unlawful for a person who has 0.08 percent or more, by weight, of alcohol in his or her blood to drive a vehicle.

What Does This Mean ?

A common misunderstanding is that it is o.k. to drive if below the “legal limit” which is .08. However, what the the law actually means is that if a driver is above the .08 they are presumed “to be impaired”. If there is circumstantial evidence of bad driving or impaired driving, even if the driver is below .08 it can still be a DUI. So the prosecutor always charges a DUI case both as a “driving impaired” under paragraph (a) and driving above .08 under paragraph (b).

California courts have held that you are under the influence, and guilty of a drunk driving, if your physical and mental abilities are impaired to such a degree that you no longer have the ability to drive with the caution characteristic of a sober person of ordinary prudence under the same or similar circumstances. This means, the prosecutor will use any facts showing the person is driving poorly such as swerving, a vehicle code violation, or a traffic accident.


Most first offense DUIs are prosecuted as a misdemeanor offense. The typical penalties for a first offense DUI include:

48 hours of jail, which is converted to alternative sentence; 
Informal probation for three years.; Fines in the amount of $ 2,300.; A 3 to 9 month DUI program; 
No driving for 1 month followed by 5 months on a restricted work license.; High-risk insurance for three years.
The court may require additional penalties if there are aggravating factors in the case such as, a prior conviction, a high blood alcohol, or a child in the car.

What Makes Us Different...

Is it inconvenient for you to drive to a law firm? Meet NorCal Criminal Defense. From web based “office”, we serve DUI clients in the greater Sacramento area and the Gold Country, including all of Northern California. Now a great DUI lawyer is never more than a mouse-click away! No office visit is required and most of our clients never even have to go to court!

We leverage state of the art technology, both inside and out of the courtroom, to give our clients unparalleled DUI representation without the traditional law firm hassle. Give us a call- we’re here to help and offer free initial consultations to answer your questions.

24/7 Secure Access to Your File

Our clients lead busy lives, so we have our designed our firm to work around their schedule, not ours. With 24/7 access to you file, you can see the status of your file at any time, when it is convenient to you. Collaborate with your DUI lawyer in a secure on-line environment without the inconvenience of unnecessary face-to face meetings.

 Secure Message Center

Many law firms don’t understand that e-mail isn’t secure, but we do. Your sensitive information will never be sent via e-mail, where it is unsafe. We use CLIO, a state-of-the-art message center, with "bank-grade" security. We provide our clients with secure and convenient online communication and collaboration tools they’ve come to expect from their lawyers.

Unlimited Access to Your Attorney

Communication and collaboration is the foundation for a successful outcome. Now you don't have to wait to come into the office. Whether its video conferencing (It's easy!) or chats by phone or on-line, questions are answered - fast. (And, if you prefer, you can can always schedule in-person meetings too.) At Nor Cal Criminal Defense, you work directly with your DUI lawyer. You will never be handed off to an assistant or junior lawyer.

Direct Attorney Contact

When you hire our law firm, you hire a lawyer, not a legal assistant. You will work directly with Michael, who will be with you throughout the process to answer your questions.

Responsive DUI Lawyer

We pride ourselves in being responsive. We strive to return phone calls within one business day. If your attorney is in court or out of the office when you call, our receptionist will immediately send him an electronic alert for a return call. We work hard to put our clients at ease after their arrest, by being responsive and keeping them informed

Price Transparency

Here’s an idea: What if you knew what hiring a DUI lawyer cost before you start? For all of our potential clients, we’re able to quote a clear rate of fees and explanation of all costs at our initial consultation. How’s that for different? And we put it in writing, so there is no confusion or surprises about what is covered and what is not.

Seamless Online Experience

Securely share documents with your lawyer. Just drag and drop documents into your client file. Send secure messages directly to your attorney. Always know what's next in your DUI case with a customized event calendar. Secure and convenient online communication and collaboration tools with "bank-grade" security and encryption.

With over 50+ years combined experience representing DUI clients, Mr. Phillips and Mr. Granucci have successfully guided hundreds of clients through this process. They have significant experience handling first time DUI's, multiple DUI offenses, high blood alcohol, serious injury cases, as well as commercial truck driving and boating under the influence cases. Our firm strongly believes that old-fashioned hard work, teamwork and preparation is the best way to help our clients receive the best legal defense. Our commitment is to provide high-quality DUI defense with integrity and professionalism. We invite you to call us with a questions you may have at 530-265-0186